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  • The University of Lahore (UOL) has played a major role in developing learning and research that would provide students, wanting to study in the private sector, with a greater choice of courses. This objective has always been strengthened by developing excellence in teaching, learning and research at UOL.

    This has also allowed UOL to become one of the finest institutions of higher education in Pakistan. The University is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) and the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan.The University has also achieved the highest ranking (W ranking) with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

    Our approach to excellence has allowed the University to be ranked among the top 500 universities of the World (QS & Times Higher Education Supplement 2006).We continue to be at the forefront of research, and continue to strive to produce excellent graduates in areas of Arts, Engineering, Health Science, Information Technology, Language & Literature, Management & Sciences.

  • UOL’s research programmes span many different industries. Our commercialisation approach to research allows for research to be put into practice, with launching of projects that would help enerate interest in the work we do and fund future projects.Once of the latest projects has been launched under the trademark of Lifesafe, which allows for the storage of stem cells from the Umbilical Cord Blood.

    In the second stage of the project the University aims to launch Pakistan’s first Stem Cells, testing, processing and storage laboratory.We work in partnership with leading organisations to allow us to achieve benchmarks that are commercially and academically viable. We encourage students and staff to get involved in all research projects.

  • The University of Lahore is continuously developing learning strategies that stimulate dialogue. We only employ experts in their field, allowing our students to experience truly cultured education, that challenges assumption, develops creative insight, feeds enquiry and develops an analytical approach.

    The university is developing excellent research laboratories, business case centres and housing a growing library, that allows students to investigate their subjects in more detail. Furthermore, students are involved in commercialisation of projects, giving them practical experience of their field and developing interest for future career or education.